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Spark Change for Lancashire’s young people

Every young person should have the opportunity to use their creativity to benefit themselves, their community, and the world. Many young people don’t get that chance.  

  • Maybe they want to pursue a creative career, but their family don’t think it’s a good idea and tell them to “get a proper job.”
  • Maybe it would cost a lot, or take them hours of travelling solo with long waits at dreary bus stations to get to the art they want to see or take part in.
  • Maybe they feel out of place in quiet galleries, stuffy museums or expansive concert halls. 

With creative education disappearing from our schools and colleges, we know there needs to be a change for our young people. We want them to take creative leaps, on their own terms, and to find their confidence along the way. 

Will you help us spark that change? 


Blaze offer young people in Lancashire the chance to explore their creativity without having to leave their home towns. We utilise local resources and bring funding into communities, widening access and enabling young creatives to stay in Lancashire. 

“Living in Lancashire, it’s not as easy as being in a big city like Manchester, and just being able to walk to an arts event. We need something that brings us together and Blaze does that.” – Beth

Through various creative projects and building up networks, we support young people to develop their voice, set their own goals and raise their ambitions. 

“Working with Blaze, we saw that this is not just GCSE Art, you’re not just copying a painting or doing a landscape. This is us out in communities and having an impact on people and places, and there is value to that work. “ – Hannah 

By putting local young people in the lead, we  support young people to develop their voice, set their own goals and raise their ambitions. 

“Despite what everyone said, like, “oh get a proper job, you’re never going to earn money doing this”, Blaze opened up my eyes to the whole arts and heritage sector.” – Hannah 

Since 2012, we have worked with over 8,000 young people in Lancashire. This year, celebrating our 10th anniversary, you can help us work with many more. We work with young people in three ways: 

Young Producers Programme

  • A producer is someone who takes an idea and turns it into a reality.
  • Since 2012 Blaze has trained 1016 young people to produce their own festivals, publications, exhibitions or events.
  • Our Young Producer Programmes combine high quality training, mentoring, peer networks and the opportunity for young people to access and take ownership of resources.

Creating Communities

  • At the heart of our mission is our belief in the power of creative communities.
  • We nurture and develop networks and partnerships that bring together diverse people to effectively collaborate and create change.
  • We ensure that young people have the opportunity to lead and shape these communities.

Developing Youth Led Practice

  • We work with creative and cultural organisations to improve how they work with young people.
  • We train them to reflect on their practice, listen effectively, champion diversity and embed youth voice within their work.
  • We deliver bespoke packages of support for organisations who want to pilot new ways of working.

We’re connecting our community creatively and giving local young people the opportunity to lead using their passions. Our young people are shaping the artistic life of Lancashire, and creating more opportunities for the young people who come next. But they can’t do it without the support of people like you, who know the value of creativity to young lives.

Spark Change and empower our next Northern creative leaders.

Donate now to help us continue offering creative opportunities to young people. 

  • £10 could cover travel expenses for two young people to attend a workshop with a professional artist.  
  • £20 could pay for a young person’s trip to an exhibition, concert or play. 
  • £50 could give a young person three mentoring sessions around their creative career. 

Regular donations help us to offer opportunities to every young person who gets in touch with us. For every young person we work with, there are always more who are waiting to get involved. Donating monthly will allow us to inspire creativity in more young people. 

Include your email address when you donate, and we’ll keep you up to date with opportunities for young people locally, invite you to see the work that our young people have produced, and celebrate their achievements with us!

I will spark change!