Young Musicians Spotlight | Luis Sullivan

Luis Sullivan is a young producer and musician based in Manchester. He’s been involved in multiple Blaze projects and is performing at Blaze Lounge on Wednesday 2nd Feb 2017 at Harris Live, Harris Museum. There’re only a handful of tickets left so get them now! 

Tell us your name and what you’re up to at the moment (school, college, work etc) 

My name is Luis Sullivan, I’m 16 years old and I’m a singer songwriter based in Manchester, I’m currently doing my GCSE’s in year 11 at Poynton High School.

How did you get into music? When did you start writing music?

I first started music, as a whole, when my dad was watching a tv advert with a small jingle on the advert, and I started trying to play it when hearing it on our piano (that no one had ever played before). I was instantly hooked and have never stopped since.

How would you describe the music you like to write/perform?

My music is a mixture between folk, pop and any style really, I try to write songs that are piano and voice but I love music technology and creating new sounds here and there. Most importantly, I would say that when I write music, ideas don’t always come straight away so keep at it!!!

Where can we listen to your music? 

YouTube, SoundCloud and Facebook

Have you any advice for aspiring musicians?

Yes! Stick at your instrument/music and keep going, I remember my friend stopped playing and he still regrets it to this day, but I’m glad that I carried on. I started doing classical grades when I was 7 but it has really helped me improved my confidence, and ability.