Summer Workshop with Sam Fittock

Blaze ran a programme of workshops throughout each Saturday in August, with a different young person leading the activity each week. Sam Futtock is a local artist who runs Gypsy Carrot Productions. He had never led a children’s workshop before, so here is a bit about his experience.

Carrying out the workshop in Accrington library was a great experience and opportunity. Over the course of the day we had a range of age groups come along and make re-cycled CD mandala decorations. We weaved old cd’s with brightly coloured wool to create decorations for the children to take home!

It was the first workshop I have ever run, and the experience allowed me to interact with children of various age groups and help fuel there passion for the creative arts. It also enabled me to work on my teaching techniques when working with groups of young children.

Thanks Blaze!

Written by Sam Fittock

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